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Gamers, Journalists, Producers, Nerds.

We are a group that wants to change the way we critique games. Through careful analysis, we bring games together to create something to which every gamer can relate.

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We look at games differently – Anyone can review a game, so we’re trying to do things a little differently by breaking up the monotony of modern gaming journalism. Gaming Alchemy wants you to change the way you think about how games are crafted.

Media Rich Content – We are gamers and geeks and love showing off this beautiful form of media through video, photo, and written work.

The Process

The Show

Breaking Down Games – Gaming Alchemy is all about taking the games you love and finding their influences from which they came. The show is designed to help you discover games you may have never tried before.

Alchemize It!

If you have a game that you would like to have featured on the show, send us a suggestion. No promises on if it will be used, but we will do our best to break your game down.

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