Unicube‚Äôs foray into the wasteland. Sheltered takes a Sims-esque approach to family living in the post-apocalypse. Collect water, harvest food, scavenge for materials. These activities ensure your survival but also spell downfall. Radiation, contamination, starvation are the new reality. The challenge comes from deciding which risks to take. Strangers beg for sanctuary, but trust is as scarce as sustenance. Always remember; family first, lest you let in the wrong person into your underground home. Managing fatigue, hunger, cleanliness, the list goes on….the systems in Sheltered are simple and engaging and often feel like spinning plates. The minimal aesthetic works, especially with the keen sound design tying it together. With so many survival sims out in the last couple years, this feels more personal; must be the family motif. Even from a removed perspective it is a different enough experience to recommend playing.

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