Live the life of a sea captain in this harrowing adventure. Sunless Sea is a game of stories; each port could bring tales of love, new crew additions, or long lost riches. The gameplay is light but the strength lies in the writing. Death comes quickly, but the rogue like elements allows a retired captain to leave a legacy to the next in line. The Lovecraftian theme is well realized and lines the atmosphere with horror and dread. Chart the Underworld and discover a new randomized map every time. Look for the light at sea, grasping for a place to refuel, eat, repair, and rest. Learning the systems is a challenge, but each journey brings knowledge for the next expedition. Monsters will not be the worst enemy; terror, cannibalism, or going mad are a few of the many paths I took to my tomb. Drink in each pint of text in this masterfully written experience.

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